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 A New Face (Liam and Deva)

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Deva H.V. White
Deva H.V. White

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A New Face (Liam and Deva) Empty
PostSubject: A New Face (Liam and Deva)   A New Face (Liam and Deva) EmptyTue Sep 11, 2012 9:49 am

Deva was walking around, thinking about the last time she met Athena. It had been in the halls of Hogwarts, as the educator had been relocated here due to the extensive damages on Beauxbatons. Athena had told her she was the second person to appear at the scene. Deva couldn't imagine how horrible it would feel if Hogwarts was trashed like that. It was her only home now.

When she thought about home, her thoughts drifted to Caerphilly castle. She sighed. She had contemplated going there on an exhibit and then pretend to get lost on the way, running the all too familiar way to her room. She hoped that was still a part of the private section. If people were allowed to walk all over that castle now, it wouldn't be a welcoming sight to her. Besides, she hadn't been there for ten years. She wondered what it looked like. If it was still the same.

Deva walked over to the edge of the beautiful lake. Even that reminded her of her old home. She looked to the sky. Maybe she should just fly off for a moment. Be an eagle, leave her problems behind. She sighed again. She did that a lot. She sighed too much. It was one of the first proofs of being sick and tired of hiding. That's when she heard something somewhere behind her. She turned and her eyes narrowed, trying to see what was in front of her.

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A New Face (Liam and Deva)

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