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 Liam Holmes

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Liam Holmes
Liam Holmes

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PostSubject: Liam Holmes   Liam Holmes EmptySun Sep 09, 2012 2:08 pm

holmes, liam m.

FULL NAME: liam mycroft holmes


AGE: twenty-three

HOMETOWN: london, britain

JOB: consultant detective for ministry

BLOOD STATUS: pureblood

PLAYBY: benedict cumberbatch

liam let out a heavy sigh as he ran a hand through his hair and shook his head with utmost disgust clear on his features. honestly, did these people have a BRAIN? "clearly, it wasn't the butler. the butler was off performing adultery, which his wife knows nothing about because she's too busy doing the same thing," liam rolled his eyes and pointed at a dent in the wall. "that dent, you see? it was a garden rake, it fits this one exactly," liam showed off the rake he'd held in his hand and placed it against the wall, showing how perfectly it fit. "the only person who had access to the gardening shed was the gardener, and this late at night there was only one other person there because their boss, mr greenwell, wasn't pleased with their work so they had to stay into the dark. mr greenwell was a terrible boss, and the gardener then murdered him and framed the butler. simple. honestly, lestrade, you think you'd have figured this out with the amount of years you've spent in the police force." liam said with a roll of his eyes as he discarded the garden rake on the ground, wiped his hands off on his cloak and strode towards the door.

"holmes, how on earth could you figure out that the rake was the weapon of murder, though? none of that makes sense!" lestrade called out after him. liam stopped and whipped around, strutting back over to lestrade and raising an eyebrow at the daft man. "honestly, lestrade, is there anything even in that head?" liam said in his most insulting, superior tone. "clearly you can see by the remnants of the dry blood on that rake, it's a slightly darker colour to the normal green and you can see hints of red. the edges have been bent in a way that only a substance as strong as human bone could, and as we know mr greenwell's skull was crushed. then, if you look closely where the rake hit the wall there is actually blood there, you'll need a magnifying glass of course, always have mine handy. now can i go or is your mind struggling to comprehend THAT as well?" liam growled. lestrade looked at him, dumbfounded before he shook his head and turned around, announcing to his men that the case was solved and to arrest the gardener. liam smirked and swept back towards the door.

it had been a few hours since liam's gardener case, and in those few hours he'd have absolutely nothing to do. typically, liam was a very restless person who always HAD to be doing something. he simply couldn't stand to sit still, and found everything boring. there was nothing to do at all. he pulled the trigger on his gun, the shot firing out loudly as the bullet hit the wall. he grit his teeth and flicked the safety on before dropping the gun to the ground and banging his head against the back of his armchair. "i'm so bored!" he exclaimed to the silence around him. within seconds, he was up and moving over to his skull. he dug inside the open head of the skull and grabbed the packet of cigarette's. after he'd smoked a few, he felt himself relaxing but he was still bored. then again, liam was always bored unless doing a case.

he moved over to the window and breathed out, a smirk curling on his face as lestrade stepped out of his police car. he turned and leant against the wall, staring at the door. lestrade burst through a moment later and looked at liam. "mrs greenwell's dead." lestrade said simply. liam didn't even try to hide the delight on his face, and lestrade looked slightly disgusted. it was indeed disturbing to others that liam found so much pleasure in investigating murders. it wasn't that he liked that people died, he just found it fun to find out HOW. liam grabbed his coat and pulled it on, following after lestrade. "i'll take a cab. get a move on." liam hailed the cab just as lestrade slid into his police cruiser and drove off.


australia. GMT +9:30.

yes i'm allowed to do this because I am Molleh.
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Liam Holmes
Liam Holmes

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Holmes   Liam Holmes EmptySun Sep 09, 2012 2:18 pm

approving myself~
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Jaycie Simple
Jaycie Simple
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer

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PostSubject: Re: Liam Holmes   Liam Holmes EmptySun Sep 09, 2012 11:22 pm

frick I have an idea for Dawn now o.o

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Liam Holmes

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