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 Terrible News (Skeets & Lilly)

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Terrible News (Skeets & Lilly) Empty
PostSubject: Terrible News (Skeets & Lilly)   Terrible News (Skeets & Lilly) EmptyThu Sep 06, 2012 7:34 am

"Hang on, so you want ME, an OBLIVIATOR, to go pick up some kid and tell them their mother's dead? That's not in the job description," both of Skeeter's eyebrows were nearly touching her hairline as she stared at her boss incredulously. He glared at her and she held her hands up in surrender, a casual grin on her face. "Okay, I get it, as a member of the Department of Magical Law enforcement you will - if the occasion arises - be expected to take on another's job if they are otherwise un-available to do so," she quoted the handbook and rolled her eyes. "So why's this kid so important, anyways?" She asked curiously. Her boss leant against the desk and sighed with a shake of his head.

"Well, she's Nora Smith's adopted daughter," he informed her. Skeeter looked shocked. "Nora Smith, Headmistress of Hogwarts, is DEAD?" She exclaimed. How the hell was the media not all over this? "We've tried to keep it quiet until we can hide all evidence of how she died. She wrote in her will that if she ever died, she would not want ANYONE to know of her darkness. Yes, Skeeter, Nora was a mistress of darkness. She killed herself we presume when the darkness lost control. A very honorable action indeed. So we'd like to honor her memory by keeping quiet about this whole situation," he glared at Skeeter, who nodded her head and took that as her cue to go find the kid. "Okay, so Lillian right? Attends Durmstrang? I'll go get her and she can stay with me for a while." Skeeter slipped out the door after getting a nod of approval from her boss.

This was how Skeeter had found herself at Durmstrang, interrupting a lesson saying that she had to 'steal' Lillian for a little while. The girl had been confused as Skeeter apparated her back to London and took her straight to the ministry, immediately asking if she was in trouble - to which Skeeter had smiled and shook her head. The poor child was about to discover that the closest thing she had to family was indeed dead. Skeeter lead her to her office and sat her down on a chair, moving around the desk and settling into her own. "How are you, Lillian? School going okay for you?" She asked politely.
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Terrible News (Skeets & Lilly)

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