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 Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)

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PostSubject: Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)   Mon Jul 30, 2012 12:43 pm

The darkness rippled around Nora like a forcefield. She could feel everything, see it all without her eyes open. She knew where to go, how to move her feet to avoid the little crack that would cause her to fall over. Her magic was stronger than it had ever been as she drew her hood up to hide her face, her black cloak swirling around her. She smiled to herself, though it was a smile that none who knew her were familiar with. No, not even Alcyone had seen the smile. It was the smile of a woman so controlled by her black magic that she would kill her best friend, that she would kill her daughter, just for a laugh.

She lifted one hand and the grand entrance to Beauxbatons was destroyed, exploded and the rubble scattered the streets. People burst out of their little shops and stared at her in shock. "Hey! You!" One person screamed, wand drawn. Nora turned and pulled back her hood to reveal her black eyes to the person. So black that it was like they weren't even there. Her skin was pale white, like a sheet, and her hair had transformed into snakes like Medusa. They hissed and snapped at the person, who stumbled back in fear of the evil before him. "Did you say something, dear?" She was suddenly in front of him. His body stiffened and he fell backwards, dead. She let out a cold laugh and flicked her hand. His body ripped open and blood trickled down the streets.

Almost instantly, everyone vanished back into their homes. Nora rolled her eyes and walked halfway up the path to the school, before she stopped and turned back to the village she'd just passed through. She lifted her hands and the entire town exploded, which would result in the death of every single human being there. Children and their parents dead bodies were scattered everywhere. Nora let out a giddy laugh and clapped her hands together. "Such fun!" She exclaimed as she skipped up the rest of the path. She exploded the side wall of Beauxbatons, the bottom of a tower which caused it to crash down across the grounds. The lake's water turned blood red, and she scattered bits and pieces of the school across the grounds. She came to a halt in the entrance hall and looked around with interest. She lifted both hands up towards the air and then whipped them down.

The next thing, Nora was surrounded with a horrible grinding sound and then crashing all around her. A barrier formed between her, and soon she stood in the middle of an utterly ruined school. It would take them a year to fix her mess! She giggled hysterically and nodded her head. No, more than a year. YEARS! She made sure every book in the library was burnt, and then she set the place on fire and walked away from the mass destruction. Before she left, she used the dead bodies of the townspeople to form the words on the grounds 'Smooth Criminal'. And then, Nora disappeared into the blackness.
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Antoinette Coupe

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)   Sun Aug 26, 2012 3:05 am

Something was wrong, Antoinette knew immediately. The ball was almost over, it was late into the night and she knew that Luc would soon gather their students and instruct that they leave. To her delight, the students had behaved well and shown Hogwarts that they were very etiquette people. But something was wrong. The atmosphere didn't feel right, the hairs on the back of Toni's neck were standing up. Where was this headmistress of the school, anyway? Running some errands? She chewed on the inside of her lip. Toni stood in the corner, wanting to rip off the bloody skirt and apparate to wherever her mind knew the problem was. She bent over and pulled up her dress to reveal her boots.

She got out her wand and straightened up, letting her dress fall as she casually clasped her hands behind her back, wand gripped tightly in her right hand. Her eyes darted around nervously, but she knew the problem wasn't here. It was somewhere else. Was France in trouble? She tilted her head to the side and leant back against the wall, looking around for Luc. He was probably off dancing somewhere, or watching. He watched a lot. She shook her head - she didn't need to trouble Luc just because she felt on edge. He most likely wouldn't appreciate it, either.

To make sure that nothing was wrong though, Toni swiftly made her way through the crowd and delicately hid her right hand and effectively her wand from view in one of the folds of her dress. She hurried along until she reached the front doors and slid out into the cool, night air. She immediately tore the skirt of her dress off and tapped her wand to it, watching as it shrunk. She tucked it into the pocket of her leather suit and twisted on her heel, apparating to Beauxbatons - a place she hadn't intended to go. At first, she figured her mind must've accidentally placed her here rather than the place she felt on edge about, but when she looked at the grounds she gasped. Then, at their once magnificent castle. Everything was in ruins. She looked to the village behind her and it was on fire. No screams came, and she assumed the people were dead or dying.

Before she could run to the village to aid those in need, something caught her eye. The villagers, their dead bodies forming something. She summoned her broom and held out her hand as it flew into her fingers. Shakily, she took off into the air and hovered above the grounds. Smooth Criminal? What the fuck did that MEAN? She gasped, for their were children constructing the words. Whoever had done this was heartless. She dived downwards and pulled out her wand once more. "Expecto Patronum!" She cried desperately, her voice wavering. Feebly, her fox patronus emerged and wavered in the air as she struggled to force a happy memory into her mind. "Luc," she said to the patronus. "Luc something's happened to Beauxbatons. You have to come immediately, the villagers - all of them, they're dead." She hissed, before sending her patronus off to get him.

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Athena Gaunt
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Head of Avis

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)   Fri Sep 07, 2012 7:12 am

Athena didn't know what was happening, but she knew she was being drawn towards Beauxbatons. She didn't like the feeling. She had never felt it before, but it was not a good feeling. She sighed and walked out of her house and looked around, making sure no muggles were near. She then turned on the spot and apparated to Beauxbatons' village. And then she stopped dead.

Dead people were everywhere, smoke was coming from the completely destroyed village, and she wanted nothing but to look at their bodies forever so she could avoid the unavoidable; namely looking up at the school. But, as it was, it was unavoidable, and Athena's head soon turned slowly to watch the place where a magnificent castle had once been located which was now only bricks and dust and the smell of death.

Athena walked with horrified steps to the castle to see if she could find anyone. But it was impossible to see anything there under the bricks. The lake... Athena grit her teeth in anger. It was painted red. Then she saw a woman. One of the educators. Athena's first thought was to kill her on the spot, but then she saw the look on her face. Athena sighed.

"Are you all right?" she shouted, running over, still with horror in her eyes.

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Belleà de Cendres
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Beauxbaton's Educator

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)   Sat Sep 08, 2012 4:09 am

Belleà had to walk to the Hogsmeade Village in order to Apparate to Beauxbatons. She had noticed that some educators were missing, and figured they went back to Beauxbatons. To handle something or whatever, she did not know. The first thing she saw as she appeared right in the Beauxbaton's Village was the lake. It was red now. Belleà scowled and looked around, searching for anyone alive. Then she saw two of the educators and walked over to them.

"Athena, Toni," she said, nodding at them. "What's wrong? What happened to... to the Village? And Beauxbatons.... in ruins.... the village is on fire.... who did this?!" She shouted the last words fiercely. She could not believe anyone would do something like this, but she instantly suspected the Durmstrang Highmistress. She does seem dangerous, and capable of doing this... whatever the attacker did to turn Beauxbatons into ruins, and to set the Village on fire.

Belleà stood up and walked around, hoping to see at least one survivor. No luck at all. As she walked back to the place where she had seen Athena and Toni, she kicked on small pebbles, muttering things. She plopped herself right in the blood-covered mud. Tears mixed with her sweat. She clenched her fist and decided to keep watch for a while, in case anyone else arrives.

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PostSubject: Re: Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)   

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Mass Destruction (Beauxbatons Educators ONLY)

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