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 Demi Petit

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Demi Petit
Demi Petit
Beauxbaton's Educator
Beauxbaton's Educator

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PostSubject: Demi Petit   Demi Petit EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:20 pm

Full Name: Demi Angelie Petit
Nickname (Optional):
Age: 24
D.O.B: (Day and month) September 25th
Birthplace: Paris
Current location: France
Status of blood: Half-Blood
Occupation: Beauxbatons librarian


Hair colour: Brown
Hair style: Medium length, straight
Height: 5' 3"
Eye colour: Green
Freckles: None
Beauty spot: None
Body type: Thin, but not unnaturally so.
Dress sense: Usually wears dresses in every warm color (Red, Yellow, Orange).


Likes: (Most) animals cat, nature, books, learning, neatness and romance.
Dislikes: Rude people, people who think reading is "lame", animal abusers, destroyers of nature, people who don't understand what she's saying, bugs, spiders, reptiles, messes and bullies.
Quirks: Speaks quickly or quietly when nervous or when meeting someone for the first time and often looks down at her hands when nervous.
Flaws: She's very stubborn and doesn't like to admit she's wrong about anything.
Strengths: She's a very good reader, and so knows a lot of information about various topics.
Weaknesses: Her stubborn nature sometimes makes her blind to other's perspectives or opinions.

More Information

Demi grew up with her younger sister in France, born to Jules and Diane Petit. Jules was a muggleborn and his wife, Diane a half-blood. They two meet while at school and had began dating as 6th years, marrying a year after they graduated. When Demi was 11 she got her owl inviting her to Beauxbatons and her parents took her to get her school supplies. When her parents asked her to pick out a pet to take to school, she couldn't decide between the adorable black kitten, or the gorgeous snowy owl she'd seen, so her parents got her both. She was always an intelligent girl through out school, getting top marks in nearly every class. When she graduated she was sad to lose access to the grand school library filled with books about every topic one could think of, as well as having to leave the beauty of the school. When she saw that the old librarian had retired, she immediately applied to take the position. But, with all her days spent in the liberality as a knowledge-hungry kid while in school, she'd never made many friends, and her highly stubborn nature put others off. She'd never dated anyone, through most of her teen years preferring books to boys. She wishes to once again be surrounded by the Beauxbatons books and see children be as delighted in learning from these books as she was as a student.


Father: Jules Petit
Mother: Diane Petit.
Siblings: Little sister named Melodie.
Spouse: None
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: None
Children: None


Wand: 10" Cypress with unicorn hair core
Broomstick: She has a fear of heights, and so doesn't have one.
Pets: An all black cat named Athena and a snowy owl named Raine.
School that they went to: Beauxbatons
House they were in: Eponette


OOC Alias: Caitlin
Best Way To Contact:
Owls, or on my Facebook (Ladytemplar Cbgkitten)
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Alcyone Malfoy
Alcyone Malfoy
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Founder / Retired Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Demi Petit   Demi Petit EmptyTue Mar 27, 2012 9:44 pm

Approved! Very Happy

Demi Petit Fotos-10
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Demi Petit

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