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 Fire Dancer

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Daedalus Hawksfeather
Daedalus Hawksfeather
British - Halfblood - Auror - OOTP
British - Halfblood - Auror - OOTP

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PostSubject: Fire Dancer   Fire Dancer EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 12:04 am


NOTHING EVER CHANGED. The same grey stones that made up the walls hadn’t moved, but that was to be expected. The drip of foul water onto a straw bed, rotted with mildew was constant. Even the food was the same, twice a day, consisting of stale, black bread and lukewarm stew that had little more substance than water. Weeks had gone by, or perhaps months—he’d lost track of time in his cell suspended somewhere between light and dark—without seeing a living soul. His food was slid through the space between the thick oak door and the floor on an iron tray, but no hands or fingers betrayed themselves to his sight.

The average man would have buckled and lost his sanity weeks before to the solitary detention, but he was made of different stuff, not necessarily tougher stuff, just different. She wouldn’t keep him in there forever; he knew that to be a fact. While it seemed that she had damned him to a hell worse than where demons stalked, at least she would never forget him; he knew that to be a fact.

The sound of metal sliding against stone filled every corner of his prison. He’d long since ceased to wince at the horrific sound as it heralded his albeit unappetizing meal. He muttered a simple “thank ye” as had become customary despite the lack of response and crawled over to the door to retrieve his meager food. Leaning against the cold walls, he dunked his bread in the broth and began sucking the bread to soften it. The broth didn’t work to the extent he intended, but then everything in his life hadn’t happened as intended, especially recently. Black crumbs found themselves caught in the rough brown hair on his lip and chin only to be brushed to the stone floor moments later.

Finishing the stale loaf and cold broth he pushed the tray back under the door creating the screeching sound once again. Returning to his position of nonchalance against the wall, he interlaced his fingers behind his head and closed his eye, the other being covered by a patch, a thin scar tracing from above his left eye to the corner of his jaw, his mind traveling beyond the cell to his unfortunate life behind him. He didn’t dwell upon his past, he soon moved forward in time to what would possibly happen once she came for him. No, it was more than possible, it was certain. It was certain that she would kill him. He smirked at the truth of that notion. She would kill him, and all he could think about was that he had no idea what she even looked like. He laughed a short, hoarse chuckle and settled down to sleep.

It wouldn’t be much longer. She’d see him soon; he knew that to be a fact.

I took out the chapters, so if you would like to read the rest of what I have, please request, and I will send them to you.

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Arianne Treloar
Arianne Treloar

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Dancer   Fire Dancer EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 12:09 am


I think you should take it down. This site is not protected from people who want to steal other's work. I read a bit and it was amazing, and I wouldn't want you to have your work stolen. I love you

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Jaycie Simple
Jaycie Simple
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer

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PostSubject: Re: Fire Dancer   Fire Dancer EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 2:23 am

I think this is so brilliant ^_^

But, like said before, we don't have any copyrights in place on our site, and there's nothing stopping anyone from plagiarising your work Sad I'd love to see it as a link to a fanfiction, though. You are an amazingly talented writer with an awesome imagination, so please don't be discouraged! Razz

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Fire Dancer

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