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 This Is Your Fault (Open: Attack Thread)

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French - Halfblood - Leader of Dark Ones
French - Halfblood - Leader of Dark Ones

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PostSubject: This Is Your Fault (Open: Attack Thread)   Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:59 am

Dusk had spent many hours contemplating who exactly had done this to Beauxbatons. Though Beauxbatons had never shown any inclination of being on the dark side, the Dark Ones being mostly French meant that an attack against France made their blood boil. She grit her teeth and pointed her wand at a vase, watching as it exploded and whipping her wand in front of her to deflect the shards that had raced towards her.

And then it had hit her.

Her spies had spoken about how ridiculously smug and pompous Roxie had looked at the ball, and everything seemed to fall into place. Which was when she had announced to her Dark Ones that they were going to attack Germany, attack Durmstrang, attack all of them! Because they had attacked France!

This was how she found herself wandering down the busy street, hood drawn up to cover her face and her cloak billowing around her. She pulled out her wand and smirked, crying several spells and watching as shop windows exploded, ceilings caved in, and fires sprang up. One child screamed as the fire burned away her skin. "Oh what fun!" Dusk exclaimed.

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Sabrina Eberstark
German - Muggleborn - Tower Dormers Second Year
German - Muggleborn - Tower Dormers Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: This Is Your Fault (Open: Attack Thread)   Sun Aug 05, 2012 12:55 pm

Sabrina walked through the street with the many shops. She constantly forgot the name of said street. She sighed and looked to her left. Nothing interesting. Why was nothing interesting to her? She hated it. It got so boring. And she did not want to be bored. but then everything suddenly happened. Fire. Everywhere. A child was screaming as she was burned. Sabrina did not even think.

She ran over to a shop with furniture and got a big blanket. She threw it over the burning child and without knowing what she was really doing, the entire blanket was suddenly soaked as she pointed her middle finger on her left hand at it. She then looked around herself. Who was it that would do this? A shape in black. She narrowed her eyes as she saw the wand of the woman drawn. People were screaming aloud. Was it her, or was it just someone who had drawn her wand when the explosions happened?

Instinct. Sabrina knew it was her fault. "Everte Statum!" she shouted at the woman, her right arm stretched out to shoot the spell from all her fingertips. She hoped the woman would be hit so that people could get out of the womans way. There was no way that this was a nice person. She would kill everyone in her way. Sabrina included. She knew that. But Sabrina never cared about her own safety when others safety was in jeopardy.

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This Is Your Fault (Open: Attack Thread)

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