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It was fun while it lasted <3
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 Peskipikisi Pesternomi

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Jade Leveston
Jade Leveston
British - Pureblood - Gryffindor First Year
British - Pureblood - Gryffindor First Year

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PostSubject: Peskipikisi Pesternomi   Peskipikisi  Pesternomi EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 8:47 pm

Peskipikisi  Pesternomi Pp10
Peskipiksi Pesternomi, the only time it was uttered it did not seem to have and effect.
The year is two thousand eighteen. There is a new leader of the death eaters and she is on the rise looking to rule the world. The wizarding world is living in fear. The one thing no one will suspect is that the most evil person in the wizarding world is the long lost twin sister of the most honest and most trust worthy person they know and she is also the Minister of Magic. Whose side will you be on? Who will win this never-ending battle of good and evil? What will happen next? Will the world as we know it ever be safe? It’s your turn to fight! It’s your turn to decide who will win the battle!

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Peskipikisi Pesternomi

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