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It was fun while it lasted <3
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 Padma Rao (French)

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Padma Rao
Padma Rao

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PostSubject: Padma Rao (French)   Padma Rao (French) EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 2:05 am

Full Name: Samhara Teresa Padma Novah Rao
Nickname (Optional): Padma Teresa
Age: 23
D.O.B: (Day and month) November 9th
Birthplace: Colombo Sri Lanka
Current location: Paris, France
Status of blood: HalfBlood
Occupation: journalist


Hair style: Long wavy, usually in a pony tail. a bit frizzy
Dress sense: Jeans and tee-shirts
Body type: Small waist and hips. this legs as well


Likes: She enjoys her family and friends, she also likes music and dancing. She loves to laugh and talk to people. She often Travels.
Dislikes: She doesn't like people who are rude and selfish, though she sometimes is. She also hates incests
Flaws: a bit self centred cares about how she looks
Strengths: She is intelligent and shows it well
Weaknesses: Not very athletic

More Information

She is kind though she can be self centred. She is a good witch and got very good marks on her NEWTs and OWls. She loves to travel and does so very often. She finds many things fun. She speaks a few languages (French English, German, and Sinhala) She loves her friends and family dearly and is quite protective of them. She also enjoys writing and likes to know what's happening in the war. She has no problem separating her job from other aspects of her life.


Father: Indepri Rao
Mother: Maria Rao (neƩ Rangan)
Siblings: Jude
Children: none yet


Wand: Ash 11" Phoenix Tail feather
Broomstick: Doesn't like flying
Pets: Phoenix named Ignis
School that they went to: A Large school in India
House they were in: They were sorted by grade not house


OOC Alias: What ever you want to call me
Best Way To Contact: Owl

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Alcyone Malfoy
Alcyone Malfoy
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PostSubject: Re: Padma Rao (French)   Padma Rao (French) EmptyFri Jun 08, 2012 7:16 am

Approved~! Very Happy

Padma Rao (French) Fotos-10
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Padma Rao (French)

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