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 A Beautiful Sunset (Open)

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Liselotte Violeta Keppal
Liselotte Violeta Keppal
German - Halfblood - Head of Tower Dormers & BVD
German - Halfblood - Head of Tower Dormers & BVD

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A Beautiful Sunset (Open) Empty
PostSubject: A Beautiful Sunset (Open)   A Beautiful Sunset (Open) EmptySun May 13, 2012 10:42 am

Liselotte had to make a business related visit to France. Business meaning spy related stuff. So far, she'd fathered no information other than the 'Lady of Darkness' was continuing to recruit more members and was gathering a large group of followers. Liselotte was on edge as she walked around France, purchasing objects and making small talk. She was glad more than once for her innocent looking expression and innocent behaviours, as she was rather innocent. She'd never even kissed a boy, for Merlin's sake, never killed or harmed a man! Though she knew that her new job may require her to do so very soon. She wasn't bothered this thought so long as it meant she was aiding in the end of the war. The war posed a danger to her darling sister, and this was not acceptable. No harm would ever befall her little sister if she had anything to do with it.

Liselotte had tired of her shopping and decided she deserved a wander. Her feet brought her to the most beautiful sight she'd ever seen as she walked across the grass that ended at the water. The sunset cast a purple, orange and pink glow over the water, making its surface twinkle and look so beautiful Liselotte's heart ached. She sat at the edge of the grass and pulled off her shoes, socks, shorts, and her jackets until she was left in a white tank and her underwear. The water was lovely and warm as she waded into it and ducked under. She could see that many people on the other side of the lake were laughing and playing, and the children chased each other. She smiled.

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A Beautiful Sunset (Open)

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