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 Mistakes (Kate and Dimi)

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Katie Ehrlichmann
Katie Ehrlichmann
Durmstrang Lehrer
Durmstrang Lehrer

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Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) Empty
PostSubject: Mistakes (Kate and Dimi)   Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) EmptySat Apr 28, 2012 1:52 am

Kate was dealing with a screaming child. He was irritating her to no end. He seemed to want his mother, or father. She shook her head, wondering who was playing daddy for this child. She shrugged it off. He wouldn't see whoever it was again. She had everything set up.

She sighed and put the little brat in it's bed. "DJ will you be quiet." She said rather loudly. She sighed and stormed out of the room. She ha no tolerance for children. They were annoying, loud, and gross. She sighed and went to go find something to calm her down.
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Dimitrius Skaia
Dimitrius Skaia
Durmstrang Lehrer
Durmstrang Lehrer

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Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mistakes (Kate and Dimi)   Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) EmptySun Apr 29, 2012 2:53 am

Dimitrius slipped into the room quietly and appraised the crying child. Yup, this was definitely DJ. And that bitch of a woman was going to pay one way or another. He would definitely make sure of that. He poked his head out of the room again checked both ways before he made his way quickly and near silently over to the boy who was still crying quietly.

"DJ?" He murmured softly, kneeling down on one knee and smiling at the boy on the bed. "My name is Dimitrius Skaia, and I am a good friend of your mother's. I'm here to take you back to her." He noted the way DJ quieted when he started to talk and even a small smile graced the little boy's face. "Come on then."

Dimitrius picked DJ up carefully and briskly made his way out of the room, heading in the opposite direction that Kate went. Throwing his cloak over them both, he made it outside the Hogwarts grounds before apparating away. Mission accomplished.

Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) Adultd10Mistakes (Kate and Dimi) Dimitr10
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Mistakes (Kate and Dimi)

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