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 Jasper Ravensdale II

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Jasper Ravensdale
Jasper Ravensdale
British - Pureblood - Adult
British - Pureblood - Adult

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PostSubject: Jasper Ravensdale II   Jasper Ravensdale II EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 4:23 am

Full Name:Jasper Patrick Ravensdale II
Nickname (Optional):Jasp, Jaz
D.O.B: (Day and month)February 29
Current location:Manchester, Britain
Status of blood:Pureblood


Hair colour:Blonde
Hair style:Short and neatly cut
Eye colour:Crystal blue
Freckles:over the bridge of his nose
Beauty spot:N/A
Body type:Athletic
Dress sense:Dress shirt and jeans usually


Likes:Animals, Spending time with close friends, Intellectual Conversation, Daylight
Dislikes:Darkness, crowds, French, German
Quirks:Runs his hand through his hair when nervous or doesn't know what he is doing, Rubs his chin while he is thinking
Flaws:Over trusting, Fear of losing his wife
Strengths:Charms, Potions, Dueling, History of everything
Weaknesses:Transfiguration, Herbology, his family (Will do anything for their safety)

More Information

Jasper grew up in a loving family though they thought that everyone else was inferior to them and spent the whole time finding flaws in others and not in themselves. Jasper however was not like that he tried to find good in others for which his parents looked down on him and almost disowned him but decided that maybe he would change with age that wasn't the case he remained strong to his beliefs.

When he was 16 he had an affair with Alcyone Malfoy which ended up with her being pregnant however he did not know this until later and he immediately asked her to marry him which she accepted his proposal and they have been happily married for 7 years.


Father:Jasper Ravensdale
Mother:Clare Louise Ravensdale
Siblings:Jonathan Ravensdale
Spouse:Alcyone Malfoy
Children:Capella II Malfoy


Wand:Birch, Dragon Heartstring, 8"
Broomstick:Lightning Strike 4000
Pets:Snow leopard named Lotte
School that they went to:Hogwarts
House they were in:Hufflepuff


OOC Alias:Kristy
Best Way To Contact:

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Roxie Krum
Roxie Krum
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Co-Founder / Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Jasper Ravensdale II   Jasper Ravensdale II EmptyThu Apr 19, 2012 12:06 pm

Approved~! Very Happy

Jasper Ravensdale II 376710_367999976602671_486465189_n
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Jasper Ravensdale II

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