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 Luc Montmorency-Laval

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Luc Laval
Luc Laval
Headmaster of Beauxbatons
Headmaster of Beauxbatons

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PostSubject: Luc Montmorency-Laval   Luc Montmorency-Laval EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 9:38 pm

Full Name: Luc Montmorency-Laval
Nickname (Optional): Luc or Laval
Age: looks around 24
D.O.B: (Day and month) 26 October
Birthplace: Sighisoara, Romania
Current location: Bordeaux, Aquitaine, France
Status of blood: Pure
Occupation: at Beauxbatons


Hair colour: Black
Hair style: Either messy or nice and proper
Height: 5'9"
Eye colour: Brown
Freckles: no
Beauty spot: there's a long scar going from his left collarbone, back to his right shoulder blade
Body type: Normal looking
Dress sense: Dressy/dressy casual. Hats, suit jackets, gloves, etc. + he always carried around an umbrella


He's a very secretive person. He's nearly always locked away in his office, or hidden away on the balconies in his large coats and umbrella, just overlooking the courtyards and the students. He almost always is carrying around his prized Crup, Napoleon.He doesn't talk very much other than in his History of Magic class, or during some school announcements. He can come across as a bit rude and creepy at times, and may make strange off-handed comments about weird things. Being alive for as long as he has, his sense of time is distorted and can sometimes get confused when people mention things like 'oh remember we did this last month' because he would thing it was the previous day or something. He leaves the school randomly, as his need to feed becomes too much to be able to deal with at the school.
While he doesn't really like to talk he finds himself getting quite lonely, so it's kind of a problem.

Likes: history, stories, comfortable silences, his Crup, early morning
Dislikes: talkative people, the English, others with his curse, radicals/ people like his father, midday
Quirks: Can do this expression where he looks bug-eyed for no apparent reason, says weird things sometimes
Flaws: His accent is a bit strange, sometime will just flat out ignore when people are talking to him, his curse
Strengths: night, aspects of his curse,
Weaknesses: distorted sense of time, day/sun, his curse

More Information

He was born into a poor Romanian Wizarding family, and as a pureblood he was brought up to blame muggles for the way he was living. Because without them he'd be living a life of royalty as his father would tell him. When sent Veneficus Institution, the wizarding history and folklore captivated him, especially the old tales of muggle domination. As he grew older, his radical views died down with the crumbling relationship between him and his father as his father became a leader to a radical anti-muggle group. His involvement in said group forced his family to have to move as the British Ministry had to intervene their actions, and it ended up with his mother getting killed. They moved from Romania through to Germany where they stayed for a short time until they moved to France, of which they already spoke the language. During their travels he was homeschooled by his father and once on a tour through the French catacombs at night, the two were attacked by a coven of traveling English vampires. His father was killed and Luc managed to get away, leaving his wand behind in the struggle.

He lived with the curse for many, many years in the muggle slums of France, usually taking all the money of those he killed, in order to build himself up a living. One night, while hunting out a victim, he found a pair of French wizards in some sort of illegal deal, he murdered both, taking all of their possessions, including the object of said illegal deal, an Acromantula cored wand. After, he traveled to SouthWest France where with all the money he'd accumulated over many, many years and he bought a house and was able establish himself in French Wizarding society, all the while keeping what he is a secret. Recently he became acquainted with some old professors at the esteemed French Wizarding School, and with nothing better to do, he decided to wait for the chance to become next Headmaster.


Father: Andrei Montmorency-Laval (deceased)
Mother: Stela Plescan-Popa (deceased)
Siblings: NA
Spouse: NA
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: NA
Children: NA


Wand: STOLEN- Acromantula Web/Venom core, Dogwood, 13 inches, ridgid
Broomstick: Firebolt
Pets: A black, pug-looking Crup named Napoleon
School that they went to: Veneficus Institution of Wizardwork and Witchery in Romania
Other: (( I've spent way to much time researching for this character, it's ridiculous.))


OOC Alias: John
Best Way To Contact: PM
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Alcyone Malfoy
Alcyone Malfoy
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Founder / Retired Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Luc Montmorency-Laval   Luc Montmorency-Laval EmptyThu Apr 05, 2012 11:47 pm

Approved~! Very Happy

Luc Montmorency-Laval Fotos-10
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Luc Montmorency-Laval

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