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 The Sorting Ceremony

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The Sorting Ceremony Empty
PostSubject: The Sorting Ceremony   The Sorting Ceremony EmptySat Feb 04, 2012 8:05 am

The ceremony for Beauxbaton's is similar yet different to Hogwart's. The first years stand nervously by the magnificent doors to the where everyone else is seated, and when they are admitted they are met by a most beautiful sight. The palace walls are creamy-white, made of stone. The tables are large and circular, made of glass with food placed in the middle with a charm that makes them spin around slowly when someone wished to eat from a specific bowl, and the food stops in front of them. The tables are split up into house groups, but by year level. First and Second sit together, fourth and fifth, and sixth and seventh.

The chairs are made of glass with a comfort charm on them so it's like sitting on a chair of pillows. In the centre of the room is a platform with a white wand hovering in the air. The first years are led along the golden carpet to the platform, and once they are all lined up the wand begins to twirl and a series of words drift out, each in magnificent curves and golden. The words are as such:

Welcome to Beauxbaton's Academy of Magic,
where you will be taught only the best, by the best.
Be grateful for what you receive, for you are most
lucky to attend such a school of magnificence.
Do not be afraid, when there is a warmth in your
mind, for I am merely examining you to find your
perfect house.
Whether it be Eponette, the house
of the etiquette, the noble and the justified, or Avis
the house of the sly, the devious and the quick-witted.
But perhaps, you belong in Renard, the house of those
who are cunning and strategists.
Whichever house it is, know that you are with your own kind
and that you shall always be welcomed within our walls.
But, this year I heed a warning, to all of those here. Watch
out for the ones that wish to take your families lives, watch
out for the ones that wish to rule your country and take what
is rightfully France's! Unite as one, though we are split
into these houses.

And then, the words faded. Each student steps on the platform, and a warm, tingling sensation runs through their mind whilst the wand examines it, and then in the house colour, words drift out of the wand saying which house they are placed in. They sit at the table the wand points them too, and are welcomed with open arms.

Which house will you be placed in?

The Sorting Ceremony Fotos-10
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The Sorting Ceremony

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