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 Anne Jones

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Anne Greene
Anne Greene
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor

Female Posts : 625
Join date : 2012-03-30
Location : Hogwarts, Green Manor

PostSubject: Anne Jones   Fri Mar 30, 2012 9:09 pm

Full Name: Anne Greene
Nickname (Optional):
Age: 26
D.O.B: (Day and month) July 15th
Birthplace: London
Current location: London
Status of blood: Muggle Born
Occupation:Divination teacher at Hogwarts


Hair colour: Red
Hair style: Long and Wavy
Height: 5' 5"
Eye colour: Green
Freckles: tons
Beauty spot: nope
Body type: Thin but curvy
Dress sense: Whatever she feels like (Long sleeve shirts)
Other: Scars on her tummy and back. 'Mudblood' on her arm and 'Freak' on her face Along with other scars. Phoenix tattoo on her hip


Likes: Flying Divination reading
Dislikes: War,
Flaws: Low self estem Tries very hard to protect everyone.
Strengths: loyalty strong willed
Weaknesses: Her family and people she cares about

More Information

Anne learned when she was very young to live on her own. She suffered when she was a child. A German boy tortured her and marked her. She has several cuts on her face including the Word Freak. They shine bright and can not be hidden. She also has a scar on her arm that reads mudblood. Like the scar on her face it can not be hidden. Anne manages to hide her scars with Muggle make up. After she finished School Anne vanished. Though no one knows where she went, she was taken by Hugo the German boy of her past. one year ago she shows up with a newborn baby in her arms. She remains silent about where she was and who her sons father is. She doesn't trust people, but she loves people nearly everyone she meets. She has her power though she had better control then she did in school. Anne hates herself for what she had to do to escape. Most people think that Anne is dead.

After adjusting back into life and settling down, she now has two children and a lot on her plate.


Father: Died when She was 11 (Damien)
Mother:Died when She was 11 (Megan)
Siblings: N/A
Spouse: Damien Greene
Girlfriend/Boyfriend: N/A
Children: Damien Jacob Jones or DJ (2) Sofia Madison Greene (baby)


Wand: 11" Cherry Phenoix feather
Broomstick: Firebolt
Pets: N/A
School that they went to: Hogwarts
House they were in: Gryffindor


OOC Alias: Anne/ Jonesy
Best Way To Contact: PM

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Alcyone Malfoy
Alcyone Malfoy
Founder / Retired Administrator
Founder / Retired Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Anne Jones   Fri Mar 30, 2012 10:26 pm


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Anne Greene
Anne Greene
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor

Female Posts : 625
Join date : 2012-03-30
Location : Hogwarts, Green Manor

PostSubject: Damien Jacob Jones   Sun May 06, 2012 6:37 am


Full Name: Damien Jacob Jones
Nickname (Optional):DJ
Age: 2
D.O.B: (Day and month) Jan 21st
Birthplace: Germany
Current location: London
Status of blood: Half blood


Hair colour: Strawberry Blonde
Hair style: Whatever his mother decides
Eye colour: Green
Freckles: a bit
Body type: Umm he's a baby
Dress sense: What ever Anne puts him in Razz


Likes: His Mommy and Daddy, His sister his godfather
Dislikes: Veggies, Kate

More Information

DJ though he is young he is smart for his age and finds many things funny. He loves his family. He also despite his age has a lot of magical power.


Father: Damien Greene, (Hugo Ehrlichmann)
Mother: Anne Greene (nee Jones)
Siblings: Lily , and Sofia Greene
Godfather: Dimitrius Skaia


I will Always protect those I love.
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PostSubject: Re: Anne Jones   

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Anne Jones

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