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 The Blood Revolution

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Tess Black
Tess Black

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PostSubject: The Blood Revolution   The Blood Revolution EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 2:59 am

The Blood Revolution The_bl12
Vampires, the topic of several myths and literary works: some of them being good and others being bad. Long have they remained a fantasy in the backs of children’s minds and to those who fancied them. So naturally it was a shock to the world the day the vampires came forth and revealed themselves to be real, and not a legend.

October 21st, 2065, scientists make a breakthrough with a new form of blood, or known as synthetic blood. Soon they were able to produce it in mass quantities, and instantly went public with it. They had intended its use to be that with hospitals and blood transfusions. The synthetic blood had the ability to take on the person’s blood genome and mimic it, making a perfect DNA match for replacement. Soon after the announcement vampires showed themselves, promising that they were not a threat with the creation of this new type of blood. Some people were ok with the fact that the vampires came forth, and were not a threat to them. Others, however, didn’t feel the same, they refused to accept the vampires and felt they should remain in hiding.

The driving force of this resistance was, naturally, The Vatican. Not having a significant armed force to contend with the likes of the vampires, they needed a way to be rid of them. They managed to gain the help of several major world powers and waged a massive war on the vampires. The vampires, however, did not go down without a fight, and a massive fight it was.

The Blood Wars, as some called it, lasted for nearly fifty years before ending in late 2112. The ending battle was so massive and devastating that it practically destroyed world governments; the vampire race was in shambles as well. The humans prevailed in the end, but at a heavy cost. Governments and countries were in anarchy, once fertile lands were now barren wastelands. It was up to the last remaining super power to help and rebuild the world.

The year is now 2265, two hundred years since the vampires first revealed themselves. The Vatican never fully rebuilt the world, humanity had lost itself. Massive cities dominate the landscape of most countries. At the core the inhabitants are rich and sophisticated, but as the city fans out the image becomes ghastly. Most the population lives in poverty within the dirty and rundown slums. Technological advances have been slow, and highly regulated. The Vatican is the governing power over all the cities, regulating everything, and the creation of extreme strict laws against any form of rebellious manner to The Vatican. Having any sort of relations with a vampire was punishable by hanging.

Gone are the days of democracy and republics, The Vatican rules with an iron fist, and the Pope as the supreme ruler of the world. The current Pope – Pope Alexander XVII – is a relatively young man at the age of 34. He was thought to be a more kind hearted man against his predecessors, but the past few years he became stricter in his edicts and punishments. Directly in contact with the Pope is a group called The Templars. They are thought of as the paragons of justice by the population, but some of the lower level population hate the Templars for their rough enforcement of taxes and their general treatment of the poor.

As much as the world is in shambles and seems awful, most seem to live lives happily, though through most of it all the vampires had it the worst. After the war, many were rounded up and tested on. Scientists soon discovered that if a human ingested vampire blood they would gain vampiric abilities, some even dwarfing those of the vampires. The Vatican thought to put these ‘Day-Walkers’, as they called them, to good use. So The Vatican sent them to infiltrate the ranks of the vampire population, and for a hefty sum of money, give the Vatican knowledge of the vampire movement. However, after a few years the Day-Walker humans began to die, soon they all died. It seemed after some time the blood began to be rejected by the body. The Vatican considered it a necessary risk, and in turn used prisoners with the promise of freedom after completing the tasks. The experiment failed soon after, as the prisoners were never reliable.

However, the past few years an organization has been emerging underground, seeming to be pro-vampire. After a few acts of terrorism they went public, announcing themselves as the Human Vampire Alliance, or HVA. The Vatican did not take kindly to this new terrorist cell, and began to crack down on them mercilessly, but, terrorist cells tend to be difficult to catch. Since the dawn of the group they have been covertly attempted to find the remaining vampires to insight a rebellion, with plans to install a new Vampire-Human government, and overthrow The Vatican. Until now, they had little luck.

The HVA was contacted by a representative of Il Ordine del Sangue Perso, or The Order of Lost Blood, with an important message. ‘The vampires are ready.”

Il Ordine del Sangue Perso is the last bastion of the Vampires. They are small in number, but they intend to take up revenge against The Vatican, something they have been waiting a long time to do. Their place of residence is right under the nose of the Vatican, Vatican City. Since the end of the war they have hidden and developed themselves in the catacombs of the city. Waiting.

Now is the time, the time to take up arms. What side will you choose; The Vampires or the Vatican?

The Blood Revolution 215626_368008953268440_962667275_nThe Blood Revolution Dimitr10

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Daedalus Hawksfeather
Daedalus Hawksfeather
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British - Halfblood - Auror - OOTP

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PostSubject: Re: The Blood Revolution   The Blood Revolution EmptySat Sep 22, 2012 4:29 am

Founded my yours truly Very Happy

Fellow admins are Angie, Dawn and Tiffy!

The Blood Revolution 236feeac
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The Blood Revolution

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