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 All Alone in My Pain (Invite only)

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Alec Black
British - Pureblood - Auror & Hogwarts Professor
British - Pureblood - Auror & Hogwarts Professor

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PostSubject: Re: All Alone in My Pain (Invite only)   Tue Sep 18, 2012 10:00 am

Alec stilled as she mentioned the situation. He never thought of it, to be honest that chapter wasn't completely closed in his life, as much as he would say otherwise. Yes he still cared for her but loving her? He didn't know.

It wasn't the time, he had just lost a person dear to him, but he didn't want to crush her all the more. He wasn't that much of a bastard.

"I'm no longer agree, I've come to accept it" he murmured over her head. "It's not the time for more than friendship to be honest."

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Victoria Rossmund
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor
British - Muggleborn - OOTP & Professor

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PostSubject: Re: All Alone in My Pain (Invite only)   Thu Sep 20, 2012 2:17 am

Victoria had to admit to herself, it did hurt a little. But it was better than him saying no and pushing her away. And right now, she just needed to be with him, even if just as a friend. Something about him always balanced her, made her feel whole.

Leaning back just a bit, so she could look up at him, she tried to smile a little. "I understand. And I'd love to have you as a friend." She tried not to let the sadness show in her eyes. It would probably always hurt, having him always just out of reach, but she'd take it.

Maybe it was because she didn't really have anyone else besides Tess. Maybe a small part of her wondered if she didn't deserve that pain. Either way, she wasn't going to let him slip away if she could help it.

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All Alone in My Pain (Invite only)

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