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 Arianne Treloar

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Arianne Treloar
Arianne Treloar

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PostSubject: Arianne Treloar   Arianne Treloar EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 12:40 am

Treloar, Arianne

FULL NAME: Arianne Isabelle Treloar

NICKNAMES: Ari, Ria, Anne

AGE: Twenty

HOMETOWN: Gravesend, Britain

JOB: Stripper, Spy for Dark Ones

WAND: 11 inches, Unicorn Hair Core, English Oak


PLAYBY: Candice Swanepoel

The Cruelty of Human Being's

Arianne had just been doing her usual shift, the death fall from te ceiling before catching herself on the pole and landing elegantly. That one had always earnt her a lot of money, so she liked doing it. And indeed, as she strutted around the stage hands shoved money into her waistband - and groped her ass, but this was normal so it didn't bother her too much - meaning she could actually afford to pay her mother's hospital bills this time. She smiled at that thought and started her short walk home from the strip joint. The alleyways were dark and smelt horrible, but it was something that Arianne had become accustomed too. She couldn't afford to live anywhere else, and the only way she earnt money was through showing off her body for the enjoyment of a male audience - and of course, through being a spy for the Dark Ones. She wasn't pleasing them though, her information wasn't very good and she feared a death by their hands any day now. She'd have to relocate - but she couldn't unless her mother died. Distracted by her thoughts, she didn't notice the man who'd followed her from the strip joint with only one intention.

She suddenly felt her body slammed into the wall, her face pressed against the cold hard stone as his body pinned her there. [Don't read anymore if you think it'd make you un-comfortable to ever talk to me again xD] His erection was pressed against her leg and she gulped, hand sliding down the wall but she knew it was hopeless. The only way to get to her boot which was where her wand was, was by bending down and grabbing it. Her body was pinned in it's current position, so grabbing her wand was pointless. Damnit, if only she'd learnt wandless magic. She shut her eyes as his teeth bit down on her ear, sucking the lobe into his mouth as his hands roamed over her body. She cringed as he teasingly ran his finger over her breast. She began to wriggle in an attempt to escape his grasp, but this only caused him to laugh and flip her around so she was facing him. "I've been wanting to do this for months, Miss Treloar," he whispered huskily to her. She turned her face away, panic clear on her face. "How do you know my name?" Naturally, Arianne went by a stage name when strip dancing. Hers was Sugar. "Please, please get off of me." She whispered when she got no response from him. He grabbed her chin with his hand and turned her head to face him, meshing his lips to hers. His breath stunk of alcohol and she gagged, which only made him laugh yet again. She shut her eyes and prepared herself for the inevitable.


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Tess Black
Tess Black

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PostSubject: Re: Arianne Treloar   Arianne Treloar EmptyMon Sep 10, 2012 12:56 am

Approved woman

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Arianne Treloar

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