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 Roxanne Zakrevsky (British)

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Roxanne Zakrevsky
Roxanne Zakrevsky
British - Halfblood - Head Auror
British - Halfblood - Head Auror

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PostSubject: Roxanne Zakrevsky (British)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 2:31 pm

Zakrevsky, Roxanne Paula

FULL NAME: Roxanne Paula Zakrevsky


AGE: Twenty-one


JOB: Head Auror

BLOOD: Halfblood

WAND: 12 inches, pinewood, unyielding, unicorn tail hair
PLAYBY: Juno Temple

Roxanne, or Roxxi, as she insists on being called, was born in Russia, but at the age of seven, her family with exception was killed in a plane crash, later to be proved to be the work of an unknown man. She was placed in a special espionage program and stayed there until she was fifteen, when she eloped and she started Hogwarts.

Roxy has a very badass attitude and couldn't care less about what other people thought of her. She is very kind to the people who are kind to her, and she cherishes her friends over everything. She absolutely loves skateboarding and is often found hanging herself after some truck to get some speed. She loves very much, but can be a bit pessimistic sometimes. People often take her as a rogue, but when she starts talking to others, they quickly see that they're wrong.

Roxy hates prejudice, but she doesn't care about rash decisions made about herself. But if anyone judges someone close to her in some way, or her late family, she can easily become violent. In her younger years, she was often taken into custody to calm herself down because of her violent nature. She has learned most of her tactics from a tutor in kali sikaran.

Roxy bleaches her hair white. Being a Russian and from the Zakrevsky family, red hair lies in her genes. But she bleaches it, because she thinks that looks better on her. She doesn't listen much to what other people say about her hair.

When she turned twenty-one, she became the head auror of the British ministry. There are many people who has a problem with this, since she's so young, but the higher ups know that they have made a good decision, giving her the job. This is because during her years in Russia, she was trained real hard to become a very strong spy, but it backfired and she left Russia for England where she finished her last years at Hogwarts in Ravenclaw and then continued directly to the Ministry.


18 years
+1 hour
Deva, Athena, Danielle, Alexandre, Sabrina, Valkyrie, Rubi, Halcyon, Darcy, Ace, Chale, Moriarty

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Jaycie Simple
Jaycie Simple
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer
British - Pureblood - Solo Singer

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PostSubject: Re: Roxanne Zakrevsky (British)   Sun Sep 09, 2012 11:27 pm

Approved Razz

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Roxanne Zakrevsky (British)

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