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 Lost and confused (open)

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Nimue Ashcroft

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PostSubject: Lost and confused (open)   Tue Aug 21, 2012 12:22 am

The child had ripe up clothing and she live out here in the forest. But she was not only one here a pack wolves had taken her in and to her that was her family. Yes she was slightly confused by who she was and what she was yes. The pack around her let out howl alert of strange looking cat was following her and seemed to take fancy of her as well that was stray. Well after awhile the cat was accept as member of the pack.

They let out howling sound at him. She was quiet and such things well quiet that is and what not. She was quietly and what not as she let out there was howling even she let out howling sounds as well and what not with wolves and what not.

They wrestle with one another and what not. The male wolves was bigger surround her and what not with him and what not with him and such things. She look back at him and such things quietly and with cubs to the most part and looking back at him.
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British - Muggleborn - Lead Singer Of 'Wicked Wizards'
British - Muggleborn - Lead Singer Of 'Wicked Wizards'

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PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused (open)   Fri Aug 24, 2012 1:00 am

Valkyrie had to take a walk. After everything that happened at the last practice in her home, she had had a tremendous headache. She couldn't get over the cold hard look in Cae's eyes, and the broken nose of Don. How the hell had that even happened? Boys. That's what had happened. Their primitive ways and stupid jealousy. That was why Val was never gonna have a boyfriend. They were too ...

No, that wasn't it. Not at all. It was only about the fact that she was a celebrity with no privacy. She sighed. After everything, she could only imagine Anscom either way. He would understand everything so well. He was a part of it. She couldn't fall in love with another person. Val stopped in her tracks; she was NOT in love with Anscom! Ah, who am I kidding? she asked herself and kept walking.

She could hear wolves howling. She smiled. She had always loved wolves. She made her way towards the sound, her wand at the ready so she would be able to defend herself, without hurting them, of course! She loved wolves. She could never hurt them. She moved towards them and soon saw the first silhouette. She walked towards them and they caught her scent. She stopped moving for a second and then soundlessly cast a protection spell around her that sat close to her skin and would make them unable to hurt her.

That's when she saw her. A young child. Val opened her eyes in shock. "Are you okay?" she asked, rushing over, completely forgetting the wolves, who tried to attack her but quickly figured they couldn't. They didn't seem to want to hurt the girl, but Val placed the spell on her as well nonetheless.

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Nimue Ashcroft

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Join date : 2012-08-20

PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused (open)   Sat Aug 25, 2012 1:55 pm

As Valkyrie she did not know who the women was or if she was celebrity of some sortie she had no idea who she was. Music wise she just sweet sounds of the wolf pack howl and now that was music to her ears. As for pack ranking she was under pup for that matter.

Well for that matter she was celebrity most people that are it are watch photograph and others such thing twenty four seven that was it. They where never alone and they could never be just normal that is and when she saw the women coming toward them with the stick in hand.

She did not know what a wand was and she start to back away hearing so many tales of stick that kill her kind. Not wanting to be next and even one cub that was teenager got in front of her and nudge a little back and she went back. They thought it was gun and they did not want anything to happened to her and she went willing and such things.

Then she said some words that confused her yes but she had not said anything in years and when she got looking at her own paws that she realized that she had hands liked her and not paws but she was so confused at the moment at the sight of the women not sure what she was. Was she wolf or that thing walk up right? That maybe she did not want to know she was given up that wolves accept her while that thing with two legs did not. She let out whimpering sound and the teenager that was slightly older then her stood above her lick her neck and that comfort her some what that he had not left her.
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PostSubject: Re: Lost and confused (open)   

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Lost and confused (open)

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