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 Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine]

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Dimitrius Skaia
Dimitrius Skaia
Durmstrang Lehrer
Durmstrang Lehrer

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Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] Empty
PostSubject: Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine]   Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 3:00 am

Dimitrius scratched his head as he looked around the Right? He didn't even know why his sister would want to live in France in the first place when she was German, but he didn't question her. Germany held bad memories for her, and he could understand her need to get away from them all. He sipped at his coffee and trying reading the french, but he didn't understand a word of it.

"Denken Sie nicht einmal wissen, warum ich hier bin." He whispered to himself, setting his coffee down on the saucer and sighing. He supposed he could ask people if they understood German or even English, but he was a stubborn ass when he put his mind to it. He only wished he could remember what his sister had said over that muggle telephone. He didn't remember the number of her flat or anything. Don't even know why I'm here.

For now, he felt content to sip coffee and think on things. His sister would eventually come and find him, he was sure, but for now, he decided to enjoy the peace and quiet the little cafe had to offer.

Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] Adultd10Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] Dimitr10
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Sabine Evans
Sabine Evans

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Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine]   Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] EmptySat Aug 18, 2012 4:17 am

It was a good day for Sabine as she was walking around France. She did some shopping for her and her sister and she went to get some things that her sister asked her to buy. She enjoys shopping. It's not something that she would do all of the time though. She's not a shopaholic.

She went to La Crème Glacée and head to the counter. She looked around at some flavour "hmm, what should I get," she talked to herself. All of the ice cream looked yummy. "I would like three scoops of the cheesecake ice cream and a cup of coffee please," she ordered to the person behind the counter. She paid for her ice cream and said "merci beaucoup," to the person who gave her her ice cream and coffee.

She looked around a saw her favourite spot which is near the window was taken by a man sipping his coffee. She shrugged and took another seat near the window. She looked outside and saw the beautiful blue sky. "It's a beautiful day," she said to no one while eating her ice cream.

Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine] Elena-Satine-125
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Rather...Lost. [Dimitri/Sabine]

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