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It was fun while it lasted <3
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 Squishy (Pet)

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PostSubject: Squishy (Pet)   Squishy (Pet) EmptyTue Aug 14, 2012 11:16 am

Full Name: Squishy Krum
Nickname (Optional): SQUISHAY~
Age: 5
Birthplace: Russia
Current location: Germany
Species: Griffin
Breed: Brown
Wild or Domesticated: Domesticated


Special Markings: Scar on stomach
Body type: A little chubby, but well-muscled


Likes: Watching, eating, flying, being petted, being spoiled
Dislikes: Not being given food, being scolded, people upsetting his Mistress
Strengths: Battle, capturing rats
Weaknesses: TUMMY RUBS

More Information

With claws out-stretched, poised and ready as his wings beat against the air, against gravity that tried to pull him in a deathward spiral, Squishy slowly descended towards the earth, where his prey sat un-aware, until Squishy saw the ears prick upwards and detect the sound. Immediately, the rabbit was off at a fast hop, desperately trying to make it to it's hole. Squishy screeched loudly in a taunting manner as he flipped his position and tucked his wings in, letting gravity have it's way as he nose-dived towards the rabbit, eyes narrowed in, tail straight out behind him. At the last minute, he moved back to his previous position and beat wildly against gravity before his claws closed around the rabbit and he crushed it to the ground. He squeezed his claw, the rabbit immediately dying and then swooped off once more, soaring through the air with his legs curled against him, claws holding on tight to the rabbit as he went to show his Roxie his captive with pride.


Father: Unknown
Mother: Raffika
Siblings: Unknown
Mate: None


Magical Powers: It is said that a poisoned liquid will change colors if served in a cup fashioned from a Gryphon's claw. The only way one could acquire a Gryphon's claw though, in legend, is by a holy man who cured a Gryphon of some illness and received the claw as payment for his kindness. A Gryphon's feather is said to be able to cure blindness.
Owner: Roxie Krum
Other: Is ticklish on his stomach


OOC Alias: Sherlock
Best Way To Contact: PM Very Happy
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Roxie Krum
Roxie Krum
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Co-Founder / Head Administrator

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PostSubject: Re: Squishy (Pet)   Squishy (Pet) EmptyWed Aug 15, 2012 1:02 am

APPROVED~! Very Happy

hello my pretty Razz

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Squishy (Pet)

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