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 Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe)

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Parker Emery
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Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) Empty
PostSubject: Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe)   Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 9:37 am

Parker was standing in the middle of the crowded Hogsmeade street, being shoved at from every direction. He stopped and closed his eyes, taking a deep breath as he disapparated. He needed to get out of that mad house. There were people running around everywhere, trying to take in a whole other school's worth of students from France. There was way too much crying, and screaming, the air. He hardly knew what was going on. Everyone was so busy and couldn't give him a straight answer. all he understood was that Beauxbatons was in ruins somehow and they had no where to go. So, for whatever reason, they were making accommodations at Hogwarts. The frustration was mounting and he needed out before he snapped.

He opened his eyes, a few streets down from the entrance into Mungo's. Of course that would be the first place to pop to his mind. Maybe, well, maybe he could look for Tess. Even if she were busy, being in the environment could help bring him back to center. He could even see if he could volunteer to be temporary relief and take a shift for someone. He made his way in, waving to the woman at the front desk before he began to make his way up to the top floor. He'd find her there eventually... and as much as it felt so unlike him, he really needed to talk to her.

Walking through the halls though he saw there were a lot more healers here then ever before...this didn't seem to match up with what Tess had been telling him at all. The floo system seemed to be in rather high demand also...he wondered what on Earth was going on...

Parker walked slowly, taking it in. He'd never seen the hospital so busy. It was strange. Everything had a tense air about it too, so it wasn't like he could enjoy how busy it was. He was still looking around for Tess when he bumped into someone. "Oh- sorry about that." he said, looking at who he had bumped into and paused, recognizing the face. "Adolphe!?"

Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) 3333333
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Adolphe Morel
Adolphe Morel
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Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe)   Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) EmptyWed Aug 08, 2012 11:19 am

Adolphe was at St. Mungo's. He decided to go to Britain to aid the people that has been injured because of the attack on Beauxbaton. He could not believe that someone would destroy the school and he didn't expect that the attack could cause so much damage to a huge school. He took a cup of coffee and drank it slowly. The hospital is full of healers and injured people. He was on his break as he had helped quite a few people and he needed to rest.

Then, St. Mungo's become more and more crowded and he felt suffocated. He felt like he could not breathe and he felt like the walls were closing in on him. He knew he had to leave before he gets a panic attack.

He went up the stairs towards the sixth floor and went to look for the healer' lounge hoping that it will not be crowded. He wanted to go to the ground floor but it was full with other healers as well. The healer's lounge was not as crowded as the other floors so he felt a bit better. He sighed in relief and decided to take a seat near the coffee machine. He was walking towards the coffee machine until he bumped into someone. He looked at that person as he said sorry and he recognize the face somewhere. When the person mentioned his name then he remembered who he was "Parker?"

Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe) Gaspard-Ulliel
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Reaching Out (Parker and Adolphe)

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