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It was fun while it lasted <3
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 Announcement #3

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Alcyone Malfoy
Alcyone Malfoy
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Founder / Retired Administrator

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PostSubject: Announcement #3   Announcement #3 EmptySat Aug 04, 2012 12:38 am

Hey everyone! Smile

As you all know, lesson three shut on Wednesday. We don't send out mass owls regarding these things anymore, as it makes your inbox too messy and most of the time no one reads them! Sad

We try to be nice admins guys, but you make this difficult for us when you don't bother to post in lessons. A lot of hard work has gone into this site, but if we just see it being in-active it's kind of annoying. :/ So from now on, if you don't post in at least ONE lesson a week, you cannot advance to the next year level. Your character will have to stay behind.

Andd finally, French students by law, must attend Hogwarts for the next three in-game years. The lessons that are offered at both schools will be taught by a Hogwarts professor one week, and a Beauxbatons educator the next - drama and plot development opportunities here! Lessons that are only offered at Beauxbatons will be taught by the Beauxbatons educators, but Hogwarts students are temporarily allowed to attend the classrooms. The abandoned tower has been renovated so that Beauxbatons may live there.

Important Links:

The Destruction of Beauxbatons

Guest Tower

Attack Against Germany

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Parker Emery
Parker Emery
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PostSubject: Re: Announcement #3   Announcement #3 EmptySat Aug 04, 2012 6:19 pm

Due to the destruction of Beauxbations, I will be clearing out a lot of the older threads in there to keep plots moving. If I have moved something that you would like to finish just pm me and I'll move it back as long as you think it will be completed soon. It would be kinda weird to have threads still going in there while plot wise it's actually destroyed. I hope you all understand.

Take the opportunity of the schools coming together to get your plots rolling! A lot more people are available to interact with now, so take advantage of it before the real drama begins! Classes can always be an opportunity to pan out student relationships. with looks from across the room, passing notes, whispering. You can even make threads outside of class to do the 'homework' and 'studying'. School is a major part of the students lives so it'd be really interesting to see how you guys go about to incorporate it.

The teachers also put a good amount of work into most their lessons, looking up and creating the info for the students, so please it's another great reason to get more involved! You could even request a study thread from your professors, build teacher student relationships as they advance in years. There's an endless amount of things you could do to keep you interested and your plots creative! Very Happy If you're ever stuck on any ideas, just stop by the chatbox, say hello, and suggest your ideas! People are always happy to have someone to post and plot with! Don't be shy! We just want to do whatever we can to make this site great, fun, and active! Very Happy

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