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 Lesson 4 - Second Years

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Pyxis Wilson
Pyxis Wilson
British - Pureblood - Professor & OOTP
British - Pureblood - Professor & OOTP

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PostSubject: Lesson 4 - Second Years   Wed Jul 25, 2012 12:13 pm

Class List:
Alexis Potter
Carey Matthews
Ethan Creston
Halcyon Dumbledore
Jamie Wright


Pyxis absently drew circles on the parchment in front of her, so lost in her thoughts that the quill moved almost naturally across her page. She couldn't stop thinking about the drama that her life had turned into, and goddamn it all she was so sick of it. She almost banged her head against the table in frustration, but managed to hold her head up. It was then she looked at her parchment and huffed. A perfectly good piece of parchment ruined because she was so caught up in her dramatic life. She scrunched up the parchment and tossed it into the trash can with an annoyed expression. She placed her quill back into it's ink pot and stood up.

She turned to the board and picked up her piece of chalk, scribbling down instructions for the potion they were to be brewing that lesson. She pushed a loose strand of hair away from her face and tucked it behind her ear, cringing at the sound the chalk made. She bit her lip. Merlin, Pyxis loathed chalk. The screeching sound made her cringe yet again and she put the chalk down in relief, brushing off her hands and sitting down just as her students began to file in. Once they were all inside, she frowned at them. "You know the drill, ingredients on the table, potion on the board, get to it." She said shortly.


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Fia Greene
Fia Greene

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PostSubject: Re: Lesson 4 - Second Years   Sat Jul 28, 2012 11:38 am

Ethan entered the Potions classroom. He nodded at the instructions. Professor Wilson seemed to frown a lot nowadays. Especially today.

He made his way to the table and took the ingredients needed. He sighed and took the Lethe River water, pouring two drops on the cauldron. He heated it and counted up to twenty. He finally reached twenty, so he finally added two Valerian Springs to the cauldron. He stirred clockwise for what seemed like hours - it was only less than a minute, stirring three times, but he still thought it was an hour - and waved his wand over the cauldron.

He looked up once more at the board and sat down again, waiting for 25 horrible minutes to pass. It was only then that he noticed that the dungeons seemed colder than usual. Ethan shuddered as he stood up, stirring four times counter-clockwise. He left the Potion for ten minutes. All this waiting was making him impatient. But, being a Hufflepuff, he tried to keep in mind that this was all part of the grade.

He finally stood up once more and added two measures of standard ingredient to his mortar, including four mistletoe berries. He started to crush it until it seemed 'medium-fine' enough for him and added two pinches of the mixture to his cauldron. Ethan stirred the Potion five times, counter-clockwise and waved his wand to finish. He sat down and watched as the others finished their Potions.

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Lesson 4 - Second Years

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