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It was fun while it lasted <3
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 Announcement #2

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PostSubject: Announcement #2   Announcement #2 EmptyWed Jul 25, 2012 1:13 am

Hello all of you once again! Smile

As much as we all love our break week, the time has come for lessons to be opened once more. Professor's, you only have to open your lesson if you have at least 2 students in your sign up sheet. Beauxbaton's educators, you do not have to post a lesson for any first years as we have none.

If you're thinking of making a new student, it would be greatly appreciated by the staff team here at TTWW if you could make a frenchie - but it doesn't matter too much. This site focuses more on your plots than boring school stuff - cause it's boring, you know? Plots are fun. Very Happy

As you may have noticed, we now only have two administrators as Dusk had her position removed. Just in case you didn't check the staff list!

Attacks will also be opened throughout this week, and the links to those attacks will be posted in an update so you don't have to go searching. They haven't been opened yet!

And finally - it's christmas time once more! This year, an Inter-School Christmas Ball is going to be held at Hogwarts to support peace between the three schools and to try and create a generation of people that won't want to participate in the war.

That's all for now! Smile

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Announcement #2

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