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 Exploration (Open)

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Luc Laval
Luc Laval
Headmaster of Beauxbatons
Headmaster of Beauxbatons

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PostSubject: Exploration (Open)   Exploration (Open) EmptyFri Jul 20, 2012 2:40 am

The, weeks, or maybe it's been months since school started again (he couldn't be bothered to tell anymore) Luc had been feeling like he was walking through a foggy dream. His little summer trip to take care of 'business' has left him feeling uncertain about his choices and the people he'd come in contact with. His sporadic feeding had been leaving him feeling weak and light-headed, causing a particular lack of tolerance for people, causing him to hole himself up in his room most of the day where he resolved to catch up on all the sleep he'd lost the previous year.

Now he was restless and needed to wander and think things over. Despite having felt the need to isolate himself, he was not feeling acutely alone. Old feelings of anger and hatred were strong and he had no one to go to. He never had, so why was now any different? Perhaps because there were a few now he had actually talked to and there was a possibility to escape the solitude.

Luc had been wandering the castle again after many long weeks, though this time he'd left his Crup in his office. There had been few places in the castle he had not thoroughly explored. One place he had been avoiding came to mind as he walked, and the decision to face his general unease at the moment at been made. As he reached the South Wing he sighed, feeling more and more anxious as he approached the room. There were few things that made him as anxious as mirrors. Despite many legends, yes, his kind appeared in the reflections in mirrors, though seeing himself brought acute anxiety and repulsion he never thought he could feel so strongly. It was one of the strangest feelings he remembered from when he first turned. And ever since the initial discovery of this feeling he had avoided them at all costs. But he entered the room, ever muscle tense, his jaw clenched. The disgust he already felt for himself reaffirmed a thousand-fold as he walked further in, meeting and then averting his eyes from his reflection. But it was impossible as his image seemed to project all through the room.
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Elle Cinqcents
Elle Cinqcents
French - Muggleborn - Renard Second Year
French - Muggleborn - Renard Second Year

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PostSubject: Re: Exploration (Open)   Exploration (Open) EmptySat Jul 28, 2012 7:51 am

Elle was looking around the castle happy to escape her solitude that she had in her dorm. She was very much alone. She had no friends and was not very trusting. No she didn't like people. There was no book that told her how to deal with people. No all her books were fiction. She knew from a long time ago that fiction was in no way how people acted. No one was as cruel as the scientist in her life. Not even in fiction.

She was not very goo d at making friend. Her very appearance made her feel ill. She wasn't suppose to look like this. She was suppose to have fair skin. The magic had darkened it. She hated it. She opened another door and found herself in a room that made her want to run. It was a room of only mirrors.

She wanted nothing to turn around and run until she couldn't run any-more, but something else kept her frozen in her place. The headmaster was here. She couldn't turn her back on him. She sighed as she walked forward. She would have to stay till he left. She would not expose her back to anyone.

"Hello sir." She said. It was better to make conversation than to stand silently.

Exploration (Open) QWSDFGHJ
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Exploration (Open)

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